Flui Coletivo 


// Flui Coletivo: Bomba Hacker

{ product design + branding }

Since July of 2015 I've been working with a collaborative group of designers and students called Coletivo Flui, in order to bring awareness to the water crisis that has drastically impacted the city of São Paulo. We started out with a simple question: how can we minimize the negative impact of water's scarcity? One of the solutions that we developed was the "Hacker" pump, which is a portable pumping mechanism that allows people to easily transport and reuse water.

The brand identity embodies the idea of water fluidity, bringing people together and helping each other. Since printing the posters had to be as accessible as making the pump, I extended the concept of the term hacker in order to design the first set of posters for the pump solution. Flui Coletivo is meant to be a movement, for we believe that the "Hacker" pump serves as an incentive for others to find creative solutions by proposing new alternatives within everyone's reach. We want more than to lead this change, we want everyone to be part of this movement. #fluicoletivo
Visit the website: fluicoletivo.org

*Project developed along with Questto|Nó.